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  With the increasing number of social discontent against illegal behavior in private security industry, governments and private security industry gradually realized the seriousness of the problem, and realized the necessity of strengthening security legislation.
  政治素质--政治可靠思想过关有良好的职业道德。业务素质--懂一般相关的法律知识有扎实的保安业务基础知识有敏锐的观察思维和应变能力 。
  Political quality, political and reliable thought, has good professional ethics. The quality of business - the understanding of the general relevant legal knowledge has a solid basic knowledge of security business with keen observation and resilience.
  After a long period of private security industry came out, Linyi security guards were in a state of groping for the management of the security industry. They also lacked the corresponding laws and regulations, which led to the confusion of the security industry in a certain period.
  The main task of private security industry is to protect citizens' lives and property from infringement. This task is very important, and also very complicated. We must protect it by legal norms. At the same time, because the uniform and equipment used by private security personnel may be similar to the police, they may take advantage of the police's image and power to encroach on the interests of citizens, which also need legal provisions to control them.
  Because the security itself has a certain risk, some security personnel to carry guns, such as armed guards, bodyguards, armed escort, alarm response, even non armed security personnel may also be equipped with batons and other devices, either firearms or batons, have caused death may hurt. Therefore, it is necessary to specify the rights and circumstances of the use of these weapons by the security personnel in the form of law.
  Because of the particularity of private security work, in the work process should be in direct contact with the public, in order to protect the safety of the customer's life and property, but its improper behavior may directly or indirectly infringe the legitimate rights and interests of citizens together, and even cause serious consequences, so that customers brunt become victims, must use the law clear to guide and restrict their behavior, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers.
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