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  In order to ensure the safety of banks and prevent the escalation of robbery cases, Linyi security guards must emphasize the belief and close cooperation between banks and local police departments, which is a prerequisite for improving bank safety.
  1, police departments must conduct mandatory safety knowledge training for bank employees, so that they can learn to alarm and record equal technology on the basis of safety knowledge.
  2, bank security officers and police personnel should cooperate closely and make clear division of labor. Bank security officers usually to observe safety signs, pay attention to stranger misconduct or suspicious action, timely reporting of suspicious people found the police department, police officers to act immediately after the alarm, check the suspect's motives, stop the robbery.
  3, the police responsible for bank safety should go deep into the location of banks to understand the characteristics of the natural environment, the social security situation and the problems existing in the bank's safety work, and jointly formulate specific safety measures and stop schemes with the bank leaders.
  4, once the robbery case, bank employees to calm to provide the following information to the police department, the number of robbers robbery, style and process, criminals use weapons and vehicles in the direction of escape. In order to catch up with the criminals in time. And the information is notified to the banks in order to improve their vigilance.
  5. The security personnel of every bank must keep in close contact with the police department to find out the problem in time.
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