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  Nowadays, the security industry has broad prospects for development, which attracts many people to enter the industry. As an excellent security guard, there are many challenges to face, such as physical challenges, psychological challenges, and professional skills challenges. Especially what we need to learn is how to deal with emergencies. Today, the security company mainly talks about how to deal with the injuries of people in emergencies.
  After receiving the information, the relevant departments should be notified at the first time. If the security guard working in the hotel encounters a guest's safety accident, he should rush to the event discovery site at the first time. At the same time, he should notify the Department Manager and the relevant medical personnel. Run to the scene as soon as possible and see if an ambulance is needed according to the guest's situation.
  At the same time, security personnel should open up appropriate space for rescue beside them. They should not let the onlookers get involved and disturb the rescue time. According to the severity of the injury, judge whether to set up a cordon to isolate the injured scene. Some bystanders or journalists may take pictures on the scene. For the photos, they should be checked and kept for file.
  If the injury is serious, call the first aid telephone immediately and inform the medical staff to do safety care to ensure the continuation of the life characteristics of the guests.
  Do a good job in the registration of entry and exit personnel, according to the different circumstances, see if there is the need to transfer video related to the incident. At the end of the process, you need to write down the details of the process and the process in the notebook as soon as possible.
  In fact, security companies here tell you that the handling of emergencies is more to investigate the psychological quality of security and resilience.