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  Master the location of all the fire extinguishers, fire doors and fire hydrants and other basic facilities in the area, and master the correct use of different fire facilities.
  To help the units of their own services to establish a complete fire fighting files, and according to the survey data, to determine the key parts of the fire.
  Regularly check whether there is a blockage in the safety exit, and do the appropriate evacuation treatment to keep the fire lane open and unimpeded.
  Every day, we need to patrol related fire safety departments, find fire hazards or safety accidents in time, and repay the relevant leaders, and record related events.
  We should be familiar with the relevant emergency measures that can be taken when different fires happen, and call the 119 alarm immediately, so we can quickly organize all the forces that can be deployed around the world, carry out the initial effect rescue action and do the evacuation of the related personnel well.
  Any unit will be equipped with different fire facilities. Hunan security company recommends that security personnel regularly maintain the operation status of these infrastructures, ensure that the performance of each fire facility is good and effective, and can be used in case of fire.
  If the security personnel need to open fire in the field of responsibility, the security personnel should be supervised and protected at the scene, so that no serious accidents will happen.
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