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  Strictly speaking, the etiquette of the security personnel in Linyi is a manifestation of the improvement of the security's own quality. When the security service company for security training, will put the security of etiquette as a key object of training. Therefore, we can see the importance of security etiquette in the security business. Therefore, in the ordinary execution of the work, security etiquette should also be paid attention to. What etiquette should we pay attention to during the implementation of the security staff?
  1. good behavior: security gives the impression of being stable and responsible. It is not easy to remember the phenomenon of impetuosity and unstable character, which will cause misunderstanding of the image of security. Note that speaks to you look stable, not distracted. And the way to walk is to be right and down to earth. But if you encounter unexpected events, you need to master the skills of handling the incident was correct, to solve the problem quickly.
  2.: clean and decent dressed as a security guard, the police are the reserve forces of the masses is the protection of God "". Common, security has its own clothing, which is the performance of security and authority. In regular work, we must wear a security suit and a safety helmet, and make sure that the security clothes are clean and tidy, leaving a good impression on you.
  3. the interests of interpersonal communication: in the process of interpersonal communication, it is the most important factor to test the quality of security. When the security personnel receive the telephone, they should be civilized. This is the professional quality and integrity of a professional security. When dealing with the problem, it is more mature and stable, not in a hurry.
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