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  At present, the Linyi security guard in the process of establishing the socialist market economy, the security work in the implementation of a focus on economic construction as the center "principle of economic construction is the fundamental task of the whole party, is the top priority of the people of all ethnic groups, is the historical responsibility of the organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions.


  In the historical process of the development of security work, many principles that should be grasped have been put forward, such as combination of open and secret, internal and external integration, special work combined with mass line and so on. All of them are very important and should continue to be carried out. However, the situation and problems faced by the security work are constantly changing, so the yardstick of observing and dealing with the problems should be adjusted or supplemented accordingly.


  Only the security work centered on economic construction, in order to conform to the historical trend, has the important significance, in order to maintain the fundamental interests of the masses of workers is also consistent economic development fundamentally with the Party Central Committee, the security work is only centered on economic construction, in order to truly and firmly establish the broad masses of workers to serve the economic construction thought, closely focus on economic construction is a macroscopic principle.


  Specific to each department of defense, is to focus on the center of the unit of work, strengthen the service consciousness, service production and service of the masses, through higher the center of our work, strengthen the service consciousness, service production and service of the masses, is the embodiment of the security work centered on economic construction.


  No matter when and under what circumstances, security work is in the position of escorting compared with economic construction, that is, serving the position of economic construction. When the position is right, the implementation of the security work has a clear direction, the work plan is drawn up, and the work measures are taken.


  There is a clear direction for the implementation of the position and the implementation of the security work, and the implementation of the work plan can also be targeted. And then in the work attitude, work methods can more consider how to allow the masses to be willing to accept, and to achieve their sincere support.


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