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  Linyi security services do a good job in information work and assist in guiding decision-making. The administrative department not only controls the policies from the superiors and collects the situation of the subordinate departments in time, but also guides itself to "deliver and transmit" valuable information according to the business characteristics and central work of the system.
  In summarizing, we should extract experience, learn from experience, adhere to the right and correct mistakes. In short, we should adhere to the down-to-earth criteria and make a good summary of decision-making. The purpose of the summary is not to stop at the original decision-making, but to stop the new decision-making conditions in order to facilitate the re-battle and to guide the successful termination of the new decision-making conditions. From the above questions, we can see that secretaries play an active role in decision-making in the whole process of guiding decision-making according to the basic procedure of guiding decision-making. In this way, through the process of decision-making, implementation, response, re-decision-making, and re-reaction, the management work is constantly improved and improved by assistant guidance.
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  Now our country is in the "third take-off" period of this century. In this great historical period, the Party Central Committee is guiding the people throughout the country to strive to establish socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the new era, all the work of the whole Party and the whole country should be subordinate to and serve the overall situation of reform and modernization, and strive to achieve the strategic goal of "quadrupling" in the Song Dynasty of this century and to build a modern socialist power.
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