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  What are the responsibilities of gunpowder guard in Linyi Security Company?
  Gunpowder is very dangerous, but in many cases, gunpowder is needed in many places, which requires a very strict transport process, because in the event of unexpected consequences, who is Linyi Gunpowder Super Freight Service Safety Company, then as a gunpowder super freight, what kind of quality does it need?
  1. 持证件值勤。现在是找工作和开车的年龄。
  1. Holding certificates on duty. Now is the age of job hunting and driving.
  2. 陪同人员不得穿便服或普通保安服。作为危险品,临沂保安公司保安人员在执行押运任务时需要穿劳动防护服。
  2. Accompanying personnel shall not wear casual clothes or ordinary security clothes. As dangerous goods, security personnel of Linyi Security Company need to wear labor protective clothing when carrying out escort tasks.
  3. We can't guarantee that it will be very good. As a dangerous cargo, we need to consider how to prevent and reduce the risk. If you care about national events, you should be in Hangzhou recently at the G20 summit. If you watch the news, you will find that all security personnel are in intensive training, sweaty clothes are very small, strong physique training, they will be visible training, but It's essential because rehearsals are conducted only in emergencies to ensure that when an event really happens, they are dealt with in the first place without panic. As escort personnel, they need to be familiar with the chemical nature of the goods transported and learn emergency measures to minimize the occurrence of casualties before carrying out their duties.
  4. 护送人员在执行任务前不得携带手机、香烟等物品。当然,禁止携带与爆炸物性质相冲突的物品。
  4. The escort personnel shall not carry mobile phones, cigarettes and other articles before carrying out their duties. Of course, it is forbidden to carry articles that conflict with the nature of explosives.
  5. 我们不能保证危险货物的安全运输,所以护送需要照顾和管理炸药在运输期间,如果有任何异常的货物,他们必须立即向汽车司机解释情况,及时处理这个问题。
  5. We can't guarantee the safe transportation of dangerous goods, so escorts need to take care of and manage explosives during transportation. If there are any abnormal goods, they must immediately explain the situation to the driver of the car and deal with the problem in time.
  6. 装卸货物不应放松警惕。在装卸过程中,对装卸过程进行监督。
  6. Cargo handling should not relax vigilance. In the process of loading and unloading, the process of loading and unloading shall be supervised.
  In fact, the most important thing is the responsibility of security itself, which requires Linyi security company when recruiting, must pass, let every employee really want to do this job rather than perfunctory, so as to ensure that the company's development is flourishing.