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  In order to enable the broad masses to live in a peaceful and harmonious environment. More and more security service companies are emerging. Security companies and security personnel mainly cooperate in the form of contracts, in which they mainly agree to adopt guards, guards, patrols, escorts, escorts, crowd control, technical preparedness, safety consultation and other means to safeguard the safety of customers'personal, wealth and information, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. The security guard's words mainly serve as the unit entrance stop duty, textual research, check and cancel. Security guards do a good job of cancelling certain needs for specific purposes and to stop guarding and guarding. Every day, we should stop checking and inspecting the areas within the responsibilities of the post, and make preparations for those areas where there are risks. According to the agreement in the contract, the customer's wealth and goods are safely escorted to the destination. Maintain the legitimate wealth of customers and their safety in life.
  Security guards maintain the service of public order in specific places, places, locations and other places where people gather.
  Security service companies use technological skills and equipment to design and install various alarm devices and maintain them regularly for customers'designated regions and purposes, and provide alarm reception, early warning and other related technical preparedness services. According to the safety needs of customers, organize safety preparedness experts and professional and technical personnel to provide customers with investigation, evaluation and planning of safety preparedness issues, and provide corresponding initiatives and plans of service business.
  The job of security is more important than any other job. Because both in winter and summer, it is necessary to stop patrolling outdoors. Many people think that security guards have nothing to do to wander around or take a walk. In many people's eyes, it seems very simple. In fact, only they can understand how hard it is.
  Often there will be security guards who can't leave work regularly because of special conditions. They often work overtime till midnight and sometimes night and day. This will surely lead to fatigue easily. Even because of overtime fatigue can not be at work when a little scattered, dozing, it is necessary to persist in vigilance, wake up the mind. Times for emergency preparedness, if there are security guards because of bad rest on duty, or with mood to go to work, which will greatly affect the efficiency of work, especially when there is an emergency, if not handled properly, to myself, to others will bring very serious results.
  Security is a part of work that requires time and spirit. It takes a long time to work every day. It also requires great patience. We should ensure that we have enough rest time every day to work in the best condition. Whether as a security instructor of an enterprise or a security company, we should consider from the security point of view. In order to enable the security team to carry out for a long time, we need to protect the legitimate rights and interests of security personnel and give them enough rest time, so that they can work less tired, so that security personnel can use the best state to go. Serve us.