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  Security craftsmen always provide details and continuous improvement and Optimization in order to provide quality security services and make perfect security products. In the final analysis, this is a kind of pursuit of the ultimate spirit of innovation. If a security company wants to stay in a century, it must stick to innovation so that its service and technology will always outperform its rivals.


  Although focusing on core business is the advantage, it is also easy for enterprises to become rigid. For example, in the use of people, the security company with the spirit of the craftsman will never be able to hire people, but will uncover talents from the outside, without gender discrimination, while maintaining their own characteristics, they will always pay attention to the change of the times.


  In our work and life, we should take the spirit of conscientious treatment and quality of life, and carry forward the professional spirit of doing a good job. In every industry and position, we can provide better service and quality for others. In every day, we will carry out micro innovation, then China will be refined every day. And good.


  The reshaping of the craftsman's spirit is not a single day. It is a systematic project from the top to the bottom of the security industry. It needs to work hard from the top level design, the external environment, the vocational education, the enterprise culture and many other aspects.


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