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  For the indoor and outdoor scene, how to maintain the Linyi security service personnel is very helpful for assisting the police to solve the case as soon as possible if the security guards can maintain the illegal scene well at all kinds of scene. In this way, the police can find more and more favorable evidence in the illegal scene, and provide strong evidence for solving the case. Today, Linyi Security Service Company will give you a brief talk about how to stop the maintenance of indoor and outdoor sites.
  In fact, the maintenance of indoor scene is to stop the maintenance of illegal scene, but in the process of maintenance, we can not ignore the maintenance of peripheral scene. Ordinary maintenance measures are to block all access routes to and from the center site, and to stop delineating and maintaining the outdoor marked traces of stay with illegal suspects, traces left behind in the illegal scene and evidence sites, and to limit the crowd to a certain extent. If necessary, special persons may be sent to stop guarding the entry and exit of illegal suspects at the scene of the center. No criminal investigator shall be allowed to enter the scene of the crime until he arrives at the scene. For the case scene in the worker's dormitory, office building, shutdown unit and other places where the violation occurs, the client should be asked to temporarily separate the scene. Security personnel serving as the maintenance site can not enter the maintenance scope of the site privately, and can not touch or move any items on the site.
  Relative to indoor and outdoor scene, the location of onset is different, the environment and the level of exposure are different, and the maintenance methods should be flexibly controlled according to the different level of the scene. According to Linyi Security Service Company, the maintenance of outdoor scene should consider the following points:
  1. affirm the scope of maintenance on the basis of investigation and inspection. The scope of maintenance is fixed according to the traces and evidences left by on-site violations. For some sites with poor prospecting conditions, the scope can be delimited to a large extent, and valuable traces and evidence of violation of the law can not be omitted.
  2. On some illegal sites, special personnel should be sent to guard or use ropes, ash and other significant maintenance signs. The maintenance of the site should also pay attention to prevent the destruction of animals and livestock.
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