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  With the development of society, the request of financial industry for escort work is getting higher and higher, so it is imperative for Linyi Security Company to improve the quality of escort. The escort is the main body of escort work. The quality of escort service is directly related to the degree of establishment of the escort team. If we want to strengthen the establishment of escort, we need to follow the following steps. Start in many ways. Linyi Security Company set up escort team as follows:
  1. When setting up the escort team, we must strictly check the entry threshold of the team members, recruit the team members, and ensure that the security personnel have high cultural literacy, high political quality, excellent moral quality and excellent physical quality. At the same time, we must strictly implement the guarantee system and do a good job in pre-job and on-job. In the process of training and training, we should stop the practice investigation for them. For those who are not suitable for or do not conform to the escort work, we need to promptly persuade the escort team to leave.
  How Linyi Security Company Establishes Escort Team:
  Secondly, we should strictly implement the system, formulate the daily work, study, living and rest system, management system, escort operation rules and so on, and establish a sound reward and punishment system. Team members with outstanding performance and good professional quality should be rewarded appropriately. In the process of team building, they should adhere to ideological education, actively control their ideological state and help them deal with the difficulties of practice, so as to increase the cohesion of enterprises.
  3. To complete the military management, in daily management, we should implement strict military management, strengthen the work of Party building at the grass-roots level and implement humanized care. On the basis of strict military management, we should adhere to the separation of strict management from superior leadership and implement measures of humanized care, so as to enable our members to adhere to good quality. Mood and positive physical state, increase enthusiasm for work, but also enhance the centripetal force of the team.
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