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  Everyone knows that the security personnel in each community are contacted by themselves every day. Security can be said to be an indispensable profession of society. What are the working procedures of security? Here is the answer from Linyi Security Company.
  一、 工作时间安排:
  I. Scheduling of working hours:
  1、 值班岗保安实行24小时值班制。
  1. On-duty security guards are on duty 24 hours a day.
  2、 早班8:00-16:00,中班16:00-24:00,晚班24:00-8:00。
  2. Early shift from 8:00 to 16:00, middle shift from 16:00 to 24:00, and evening shift from 24:00 to 8:00.
  2. Community patrol:
  1、 巡逻周期按照公司规定进行,每次将辖区内所有楼层及小区外围巡查一遍。
  1. The patrol cycle shall be carried out in accordance with the company's regulations, and all floors in the jurisdiction area and the periphery of the district shall be inspected once at a time.
  2、 巡逻规律:不制定规定路线,但不留“死角”、“偏角”。
  2. Patrol law: no prescribed route, but no "dead corner" or "deflection angle".
  三、检查各岗位执勤情况: 日常巡视检查执勤情况有各班班长或队长负责。
  3. Check the duty of each post: The monitor or captain of each class is responsible for the duty of daily inspection.
  1、 要严格执行交接班制度,交接班时,交接双方要检查各岗位,交接是否认真,手续是否办妥,仪容仪表是否符合有关规定,交接物品是否完好无损,是否有待办事项等,发现问题,及时纠正,并做好登记。
  1. We should strictly implement the handover system. When handing over, the two parties should check each post, whether the handover is serious, whether the formalities are completed, whether the appearance and meters meet the relevant regulations, whether the handover items are intact and intact, whether there are items to be done and so on. We should find out the problems, correct them in time, and do a good job of registration.
  2、 队长或班长检查巡视每班岗不少于两次,确保各岗位无事故发生。
  2. The captain or monitor inspects and inspects each shift at least twice to ensure that no accidents occur in each position.
  3、 巡视时,发现有不认真或违纪等情况,要及时纠正,并责其改正,做好纪录并上报。
  3. When inspecting, it is found that there are some cases of carelessness or violation of discipline, so it should be corrected in time, and be charged with correcting them, making good records and reporting them.
  4、 本班值勤中遇到疑难问题时,队长或班长应立即到场,按有关规定处理,不能解决的不要擅自做主,要及时上报。
  4. When a difficult problem arises on duty, the captain or monitor should be present immediately and handled in accordance with relevant regulations. If the problem cannot be solved, do not make decisions without authorization, and report it in time.
  IV. Handling of Major Events:
  (一) 重大灾害处理:
  (1) Major disaster management:
  1、 发生火灾时:保持头脑清醒、冷静、不慌忙,尤其是当班负责人要有秩序的组织人员疏散并向119报警。报警时要说明地点、单位、电话、火灾性质并及时上报,同时组织现场人员进行抢救性工作:一是断电、断气,转移易爆易燃物品;二是按科学方法处理,如:消防电不能断,电路发生火灾不能用水灭火等;三是指定专人引导消防车进入;四时防不法分子乘机破坏。
  1. In case of fire: keep clear-headed, calm and not in a hurry, especially when the person in charge of the shift should organize the evacuation of personnel in an orderly manner and alarm 119. When alarming, it is necessary to explain the location, unit, telephone and fire nature and report it in time. At the same time, it is necessary to organize rescue work for on-site personnel: first, power cut off and gas cut off to transfer explosive and inflammable articles; second, it should be handled scientifically, such as: fire power can't be cut off, circuit fire can't be extinguished by water; third, designate special personnel to guide fire trucks to enter; fourth, it is necessary to prevent illegal elements from being destroyed by plane.
  2、 发生重大交通事故时:一要向交通局通报,二要保持好现场并派专人看护现场,三要控制当事人,四要指挥疏导交通。
  2. When major traffic accidents occur: first, inform the traffic bureau; second, keep the scene well and send a special person to take care of it; third, control the parties; and fourth, direct and guide the traffic.
  (二) 遇到违法犯罪、偷盗抢动的处理:
  (2) The handling of criminal offences, theft and robbery:
  1、 保持镇静、斗智斗勇,能制服立即制服,敌强我弱时想办法稳住并立即通知友邻哨位或取的小区群众取得的支援,设法制服罪犯。
  1. Keep calm, fight wits and brave, and be able to uniform immediately. When the enemy is strong and we are weak, we should find ways to stabilize and immediately inform our friends and neighbors of the post or the people of the community of the support obtained, and try to subdue the criminals.
  2、 犯罪分子逃跑或追不上时,掌握罪证,人证,物证齐全,时间地点清楚,记住人数,相貌特征,衣着,除采取充分人力,快捷的交通工具追逐以外,并及时报告公安部门协助其破案。
  2. When a criminal escapes or fails to catch up, he or she shall have evidence of crime, witness of person, complete material evidence, clear time and place, remember the number, features and clothes, and report to the public security department in time to assist him or her in solving the case, in addition to taking full manpower and fast means of transportation to chase him or her.
  3、 对于作案留有迹象的要保护好现场,并派专人看管以免现场被破坏,给案件侦破带来难度。
  3. The scene of the crime should be well protected, and a special person should be sent to guard it so as to avoid the destruction of the scene, which brings difficulties to the detection of the case.
  4、 如有受伤群众,要及时将受伤者包扎,抢救,对围观群众知情者要录取旁证,并记清姓名,单位,联系方法。
  4. If there are injured people, the injured people should be dressed and rescued in time. Those who know about the crowd should be admitted bystander evidence, and their names, units and contact methods should be clearly recorded.
  5、 业主、住户发生刑事案件,应首先物业公司上报并向公安部门报告并保护好现场。
  5. When a criminal case occurs between the owner and the household, the property company shall first report it to the public security department and protect the scene.
  6、 事发后,除上述外,寻问业主,住户是否保险损失的物品及价值,必要时出示证明,以便保险公司赔偿。
  6. After the accident, in addition to the above, ask the owner if the household is insuring the loss of goods and value, and if necessary show proof, so that the insurance company can compensate.
  (三) 聚众闹事、斗殴、打架:
  (3) Gathering riots, fights and fights:
  1、 劝阻业主,离开现场缓解冲突。
  1. Dissuade the owner and leave the scene to ease the conflict.
  2、 防坏人乘机进入,报复或偷盗财物。
  2. Prevent bad people from entering, retaliating or stealing property.
  3、 说服围观群众离开,确保目标安全。
  3. Persuade the crowd to leave and ensure the safety of the target.
  4、 分析动向,认清闹事人。
  4. Analyse the trend and identify the troublemakers.
  5、 监视可疑人物。
  5. Surveillance of suspicious persons.
  6、 如果是外来人员进入小区内闹事、斗殴,劝阻无效时,如必要可拨打110报告公安部门。
  6. If the dissuasion is invalid, call 110 to report to the public security department if necessary.
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